Baby Song lyrics

Baby Song

Man 1:
Well, I dread that I'm regressing, with my head this baby's messing;
wee ba, dwee ba, doo ba, dab by doo.
Once I became a parent, I became quite incoherent;
ma ma, ma ma, da da, woo hoo hoo.
When I'm hurt, I get a boo boo, when I sleep, I
take a su su; nappy, nappy, nappy, sweepy swoo.
In the car I go, "Vroom, vroom, vroom"..
In the john I make a boom booom;
woppa, woppa, woppa, poo poo poo.
Can I stop this? God, I wish it, 'cause I sound just like a dip shit!
Yee ha, yee ha, yee ha, booby boo.
Now I hear my baby cry cry; so it's time that I go bye bye.
Doo ba, dabby, deeby, dubby, weeba, wooby, woo.
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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