I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change review

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change Review - Broadway musical

What first catches the eye in this production – too extensive expression of emotions and rather exaggerated postures and gestures. It is a feature of all the actors, even those, who would have looked more natural with quieter gestures, like that fatty fellow in shirt and neatly ironed trousers. Music successfully emphasizes all the necessary emotional moments and "sagging" is underlined by pretentiousness moment of expectation, as, for example, in the song Stud And A Babe – when two people are trying to imagine what they would do if they were different people. But quite often the actors feed material, exaggerating the context of expressions too much, and that makes the play look like a mad joy of a puppy, whose owner came home, making it impossible to keep its tail from wagging. To be perfectly frank, sometimes it feels like whatever provincial amateur theater. However, the professional part in it is still there – it is the work of costume designer and illuminator. However, not all points of view can be reduced to this.

In the scene, when a girl is lamented with her spectacular playing-over her team-mate – a man – she wondered why he had never, for all their 4 meetings, tried to kiss her. And when he, as a result of confused explanations, gives birth to "just wanted to be respectful", it creates a very different emotional range – genuine interest in what will happen next, in what she will do and an enjoyable observation of her vivid attempt to pull the blanket over herself, if he is so indecisive, like the majority of men in real life are (not in their stories about own exploits). This scene is one of the most interesting in the musical. It includes real acting talent and no clumsiness in the texts and roles, everything goes very organically. The audience at some point even feels not as spectators but as voyeurs, who surreptitiously watching something really honest and gentle. But as a comic element still prevails, a very good joke is born at the junction of the of expectations of heroes – when she tells the guy that he should bring condoms at dinner, while he simultaneously sais about wine for the lasagna.

But, without singling out individual scenes, judging the musical as a whole, we must say that, first of all, it is organic because of transitions between roles. After 10 – 20 minutes of play, you’ll leave aside all attempts to criticize somewhat bad moments in the game of actors, getting used to their clumsiness and laugh every few seconds, because this comedy is incredibly good. Yes, we agreed not to go into details, but the scene Satisfaction Guaranteed is a know-how in terms of humor birth – when, together with you in bed, there is a consultant, who will pursue you to achieve your satisfaction from intercourse and will monitor compliance with the signed contract, and then will write you a check if you or your partner will not reach the coveted points.

If you start watching this musical with a bad mood and the desire to criticize to the right and to the left, then the bright emotions, lively characters and excellent sense of humor will make you change your mood faster than you can say, "Mississippi is distinguished with diversification".
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