I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change synopsis

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change Synopsis - Broadway musical

The plot is a consolidation of the individual numbers, which involve a variety of characters and circumstances. However, they are united with common line – relationship and love. This format is successfully exploited in youth productions and levels of amateur productions of provincial cities in the theaters that operate love’s and intercourse’s themes as the main ones. It is clear that the repertoire is quite meager and in some cases beaten, so that under the hem of libretto has accumulated a fair amount of dust, but it is still quite ohkay for the format of improvisation sites and occasional shows.

It brought together the lovers with their new passions, who are disillusioned with the copulation between them, discusses the theme of unsuccessful and very unsuccessful dating in the café, when the topics for conversation ended before had a chance to begin. There are a couple of nice and pure thoughts about the fact that we pretend to be not who we are, when we first met, trying to impress, come what may.

A small set of actors (for example, on Broadway, there were only 4), allows not only to fall in love with the material’s feed, but do not get confused, tracing a line of events as they actually develop from the first date to nurture of children together. This production is for those, who at least once lost a head and found a soul mate. For those, who often did not have the heart to ask, "What are you doing tonight?". For those, who appreciate a great unobtrusive humor and ready with an open mind to recall that these same things happened to him or her in similar situations. For viewers, who are mature enough to understand the humor through the prism of life experience, not just the meaning of text jokes, which are also in abundance.
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