The How-to’s lyrics - How to Dance in Ohio

The How-to’s lyrics

The How-to’s

[Verse 1: Dr. Amigo]
How to explain to my kid how my marriage collapsed
When I myself don't quite understand?it?
How?to sell our?house, tell all our family and?friends
Except that nothing turned out like I planned it?

It's hard?to?believe?I could ever?move on
When I'm?still using her leftover shampoos
Add it to the never-ending list of adulthood's many how-to's

[Verse 2: Johanna, Terry]
A pizza is good for when you're tired
It doesn't take very much to make it
You drop all your toppings on a premade dough
Heat the oven to 450 and bake it

[Chorus: Both]
P?ppers, or mushrooms, or sausage, or cheese
It's your pizza, so you g?t to choose
Check pizza off the never-ending list of adulthood's many how-to's

[Verse 3]
How to be a best friend?
How to date a boy?
How to set clear boundaries?
How to let her feel her joy?

How to wake up each morning not totally stressed by the terrors I read in the news?
How to hope for the best?
Add it to the how-to's

[Verse 4: Michael]
When my wife folded socks, laundry magic would occur
I can barely pair the socks, much less fold as good as her
How to miss your partner? How to manage long-term grief?
How to process how much this still hurts beyond the leave?

How to stop and enjoy when something goes right, since I don't often get good reviews?
Add it to the how-to's

[Johanna:] Today is Monday
[Kurt, overlapping:] Thursday
[Amy, overlapping:] Tuesday
[Terry, overlapping:] Wednesday
[Michael, overlapping:] Friday

[Bridge: Johanna, Kurt, Amy, Terry, & Michael]
Am I overprotective? Sometimes, yes
An excessive worrier? Sure, I guess
If I'm a little aggressive it's only because
[Amy & Terry:] I won't be around forever
[Michael, overlapping:] I won't be around forever
[Johanna, overlapping:] I won't be around forever
[Kurt, overlapping:] Around forever
And that's what a parent does
[Amy, Dr. Amigo, speaking]
Drew got into U of M, early acceptance! Did you know?
I had no idea! That's fantastic!

[Verse 5: Amy, Kurt, Dr. Amigo]
Drew's having second thoughts about leaving home
He's afraid it will be too much to manage
And of course the choice is up to Drew
But we're the ones who gave him every advantage
Wasn't therapy supposed to make him prepared?
Sometimes progress isn't easy to see
And sometimes it isn't happening at all
And that's what this looks like to me

[Outro: Dr. Amigo]
How to trust in process and the methods that I use?
But what if I'm not guiding them towards the right how-to's?
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