Terminally Human lyrics - How to Dance in Ohio

Terminally Human lyrics

Terminally Human

{Verse 1]
Disaster is always a possibility
Real life is loud, confusing, fast
We shelter our children because we care
But how long can childhood last?

Are any of us ever safe from pain?
Whatever precautions we take
We're putting our hopes and hearts on the line
Hoping our hearts don't break
But sometimes hearts break

Aim for a target in your mind
Knowing life rarely happens as designed
They will beli?ve they can succeed
When th?y succeed
When they survive
We're terminally human, which means we're alive

[Bridge, spoken]
When I invite people to grow, I'm inviting them to a whole lot of trouble
Conflict, disappointment, anger
Just the mess of life

[Verse 2]
Because victory is also a possibility
Your odds improve each time you try
Your skin gets thicker, failure stings a bit less
And maybe that's worth all the worry and stress
To get all dolled up in a suit or a dress
And dance

Because victory is only a possibility
If you take your chance
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