Building Momentum lyrics - How to Dance in Ohio

Building Momentum lyrics

Building Momentum

[Verse 1]
I’ve been making good grades, good friends, good progress
This year has been a personal best
Except my love life was stalled, like this concept in physics
An object at rest stays at rest

Then you suddenly gave me the chance
To find the guts to learn how to dance
But the hardest part was to start…

Building momentum
The very beginning
Building momentum
The energy spinning
Moving with purpose and picking up speed
Has taught me the one lesson I’ll ever need
The first step to succeed
Is building momentum

[Verse 2]
Let’s throw a new dance tomorrow
Let’s use the Center
And we’ll cater all our favorite food
We’ll clear the chairs to the wall
I bet Mel would DJ
And I can bring smart lights to set the mood

I’ll call everyone personally
Or get my mother to do it for me
My mom’s hard to refuse, we can’t lose

Building momentum
I have to keep moving
Giving attention to what needs improving
Facing the fears that have kept me alone
Has filled me with confidence I’ve never known
Like I discovered my backbone
Building momentum

You don’t know what she does to me
Like she rewired my circuitry
My operating system’s reeling
And I can’t bear to lose this feeling

Building momentum
The very beginning
Building momentum
The energy spinning
No way I’m throwing my best chance away
If I have to throw a new dance every day
It’s the only way how
To keep growing from now
Building momentum
Building momentum
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