Nothing At All lyrics - How to Dance in Ohio

Nothing At All lyrics

Nothing At All

[Verse 1]
It's not like I'm shocked by the ableist clichés
But they do make me tired
Do I only exist on this planet to make somebody else feel inspired?
I'm no object of pity and if that's what you see
Then clearly you aren't seeing me

'Cause when I'm Roger Rabbit, I'm totally hilarious
When I'm Sherlock, the world makes perfect sense
When I'm Harley Quinn, I get a little unpredictable
And those days, I can be a bit intense

But today's look is nothing
Nothing at all

[Verse 2]
I try to have patience, meeting folks where they're at
But this gets under my skin
'Cause if you're writing about me, then getting to know me
Should be where you begin
It's so condescending, assuming the worst
Without even meeting me first

'Cause when I'm Wanda Maximoff, I can change my own reality
When I'm Gaga, I'm ready to rehearse
When I'm Miles Morales, then I really do believe
I am a superhero in the multiverse

But today's look is nothing
Nothing at all

[Bridge: Remy, Drew, Mel, Jessica, Caroline, Marideth, & Tommy, All]
Then come the voices of doubt saying right on cue
"This world will never make space for people like you"
I see my past rejections framed and hung on the wall
And I wish I felt nothing
Nothing at all
Nothing at all

So sick of good intentions
That only make me feel small
Your good intentions all add up to
Nothing at all

[Verse 3]
That's why tomorrow night, I will not be at the formal dance
Though I've worked hard to get there all this year
That's right, tomorrow night, I will be doing my first live stream
To discuss this controversary further here
'Cause the whole conversation
Needs a huge overhaul
And if we simply do nothing
Nothing will change at all
Last Update: February, 01st 2024

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