Slow Dancing lyrics - How to Dance in Ohio

Slow Dancing lyrics

Slow Dancing

[Verse 1]
I can see it, me and Jay arriving at the dance
Like a lord and lady entering the ball
And I recognize that song that's always on the radio
Sha la la, sha la la la

On the dance floor, there's Jessica and Tommy too
But with Jay here, I don't see them at all
Then the song ends and the new one is the perfect kind of slow
For slow dancing

When he takes me in his arms slow dancing
He holds me tightly, like he'll never let me go
Is there a way for me to stop the clock?
I hope so
Please let every song be slow

[Verse 2]
If my boyfriend wants a dancing break, that's fine by me
We can split a root beer float up at the bar
I won't dance with other guys because my boyfriend often gets

But he won't be like that when we're slow dancing
He's warm and sturdy and the best part is he's mine
He whispers in my ear, "You're all I need, Caroline"
Suddenly, I'm short of breath
Both on Cloud 9 and scared to death
Our limbs and fingers intertwine

[Caroline, spoken]
Excuse me, do you know where Japanese 102 is? I have an exam today

[Derrick, spoken]
Are you lost? I can drive you to Student Affairs, I'm headed that way anyway

If something doesn't feel right, my mom says, "Trust your gut"
This man seems perfectly nice, except for you know what
Most murderers seem nice at first
Then again, mistakes can help us grow
But some mistakes can't be undone
Being nineteen isn't fun
There's too much I don't know

[Verse 3]
I'm sorry, Derrick, I don't think my boyfriend
Would want me driving in a car with some strange guy
I do not want to mess it up with him
So, goodbye

I close my eyes and think about slow dancing
Anything other than the fact I want to cry
Maybe my teacher will be cool and say
"It's okay, take the test another day"
Maybe even get an A
One day, go to Tokyo and see a cat café
Slow dancing my life away
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