The Telegram lyrics - Grey Gardens

The Telegram lyrics

The Telegram

(Little Edie)
Daughter Darling. Stop.
Daddy's Little Angel. Stop.
All my love and wishes for success on this joyous. Stop.
Thrilling permanent god willing merge of beauty and no bless.

Would you like a lawyer?

(Little Edie)
Though regretfully I can't be with you


(Little Edie)
You must solider on as if i were
my falsities. stop.
To the Kennedy's. Stop.
Tell my wife to diverge from theoretics with that poofter. Stop.

Trust your father learn to honer and obey
If the truth be told and keep it all to you in
present in mexico with linda

Linda who?

(Little Edie)
The moment my divorce from Mrs. Beale is granted come for drinks well be enchanted.

Love from daddy.
Keeping fingers crossed for you

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