Around the World lyrics - Grey Gardens

Around the World lyrics

Around the World

It's my mother's house.
In my mother's name.
And you can't beat mother at mother's game.

Cuz she likes the people who I dont' like.
And if I don't like it it's take a hike!
Which is mother's way
Of reminding me
When you live off mother you can't be free.

And i think that mother is very mean.
And this latest thing with this wash machine
The one that Jerry brought
Don't be too surprised if the guy moves in and I'm pulverized.

Cuz I'll be damned if I'm gonna waste my time
Washing clothes in a god damn machine!

spoken: I feel very stongly about momentos. Memorabilia i guess you'd call it.

Around the world
Is what I call my wall of special things.
Around the world with rose bouquets
I dried and tied on strings.
A silver mask from a masquerade
Around and round I twirled.
You tack them up so you can twirl around the world.

spoken: Edie! He found it! Jerry found my old song!

It's my mother's house
With my mother's friends.
And with Jerry coming it never ends!
It's the same old story as George Gould Strong.
Not in 20 years did we get along.
Though i do feel bad for the way he died:
in a two bit flea bag; a suicide.

It was mother's money
The Bouvier's.
And if mother spent it in crazy ways.
No one took care of her
Only me!
She was taken care of
Not sexually.
And if you infer that they were using her,
I will shove you under the god damn bed!

Around the world
With stones and shells.
The nicest ones I lost.
Around the world
without a boat
And just a quote from Frost
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
A lovely crossing on.
Around the world, the world around, the attic wall.

Around the world there isn't room
For every special thing.
Around the world
You choose a few
To make the music sing.
A silver mask from a masquerade
Around and round I twirled.
You tack them up
So when you go
the world will be the one you know.

A bird cage I plan to hang
I'll get to that someday.
A bird cage for a bird who flew away.
Around the world.
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