Grey Gardens review

Grey Gardens review

Grey Gardens Review - Broadway musical

If you need motivation, here it is – in this very production. This musical shows that are rarely seen, and what allows to penetrate into without plunging. Broken hopes, lack of self-belief and fear of making another attempt to find happiness, thereby allowing oblivion to take days, months, years, decades of life. When loneliness and maddening monotony, shrouded days’ poverty have become commonplace and even essential nature and a substance of the human being, it becomes impossible to imagine that it can be otherwise somehow.

Two women shared not only their names, but the fate prepared for them, not have lived a wonderful life, but becoming themselves prisoners of an estate, giving up to fears and horrors that have nothing to do with mysticism. No. This horror, to which you succumb, eats you. It is not to the circumstances, but to time itself. Time that takes away all the pleasure that people were not able to grab.

History is truly tragic and dramatic, but also instructive: you cannot stand idly by allowing relentless hour and minute arrows to take away the only thing that can fully belong to a person – the life. Four decades two women lived in fear and were shamed to see people, not daring to look objectively at their situation. The silence and poverty around their fading lives is totally gloomy. About them remembers only health department that worried about the state of land that has been captivated by cats and raccoons.

Many years later, when the younger Edith will stand in front of the poster, expecting a film about herself, she, of course, will recall the young years, when everything was simple and easy, when the red carpet saw newborn stars, and the world of show business could conquer anyone, having a little bit of talent and charm, or “smiled” to producer. When her own chance burned in her hands, was irrevocably lost due to her mother, who was unable to let go the daughter, who was afraid of deadly loneliness, and because of own cruel indecision.

Not like that she imagined moments of fame, hoping to taste its sweet fruit, but made is irrevocable, you don’t return the past. And once two eccentric, talented and bright ladies faded along with the Grey Gardens, lost in the grayness of timelessness. Sunset of crazy and infinitely unhappy life of once powerful people – the spectacle is really frightening and unpleasantly chilling the chest. Do not doubt – this show is commendable.
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