Unfair lyrics - Fiorello

Unfair lyrics


Management's unfair!
Management's unfair!
Management is terribly unfair!
(Girls! Girls! That's not the way to win!)
You'd think that a human heart would break
At such a display as this!
But warm-hearted men, with money at stake
can turn into heartless misbegotten misers
Now a strike isn’t played like tic-tac-toe
and soft-spoken tactics just don’t go!
Ladies, you’ve got no choice!
You’ve got to holler and howl in a most unladylike voice!
(Unfair! Unfair!)
(Again! Unfair! Unfair! Louder! Unfair! Good!)
Let's put a stop to the sweatshop!
That's the disease we want to cure!
Proudly we picket
The punks who pick the pockets
Of the poor hard-working poor!
While we stitch-stitch-stitch
Someone's getting rich
By the sweat of his sister's brow!
Let's fix the wagon
of this gold-hungry dragon!
Let's trim the fat from this...sacred cow!
You've got to howl at the top of your voice!
Holler and howl at the top of your voice!
Keep yelling "foul" at the top of your voice!
Let's put a stop to the sweatshop! (Good!)
Let's end the evil of the age! (That's it!)
Fight to the finish
to win the war we're waging
For a decent... LIVING... WAGE! (Right!)
Must we sew and sew solely to survive
So some low so-and-so can thrive?
No! He'll fry in Hades if it's up to the ladies
Waistmakers Union Local 25!
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