I Love A Cop lyrics - Fiorello

I Love A Cop lyrics

I Love A Cop

"Oh, gosh, life is so complicated"
I love a cop
I love a cop

What a situation! Ain't it awful?
Life is really grim
I can only say that it's unlawful
How I feel towards him!

I love a cop
I love a cop

If I introduce him as my steady
Down at where I work
I can hear the rumors spread already
"Dora's gone berserk"

Then there's Thea -- Oh, how gruesome
Can you see me introduce him?
"You remember her -- she detested you"
"You remember him -- he arrested you"

I'm so confused
I'm so confused
If I loved a dentist or a doctor
I'd be up on top
But I love a cop

I love a cop
I love a cop

Though it wasn't easy to accept him
Now I think he's sweet
You should hear him tell the way I swept him
Off his big flat feet

I love a cop
I love a cop

I can see his drawbacks clear as crystal
Still, I testify
Once you take away his club and pistol
Floyd won't hurt a fly

Floyd's ambitious and he's forceful
Energetic and resourceful
I can see how far this will carry him
If he'd get an honest job, I would marry him

That's how it is
He's mine; I'm his
Little did I know when Floyd first kissed me
And I whispered, "Stop"
You can't stop a cop

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