The Bum Won lyrics - Fiorello

The Bum Won lyrics

The Bum Won

Even without our help, look at the way he won!
Everyone sold him short!
(You think they'll ask for a recount?)
We've got a winner, but what good is that to us?
Not if he doesn't feel grateful for our support!
(You mean no patronage, huh Ben?)
I gotta talk to him!
Someone pinch me!
Maybe this is just a beautiful dream!
I'm in a bad state of shock!
I'd like to know
Just how the hell it happened
What we did right!
Fellas, the whole thing is cockeyed!
We got a winner at last...
We got a star which is in the ascendent!
If he feels that we sloughed him off,
He could become, God forbid! INDEPENDENT!
Who'd ever guess that the people
Would go to the polls and elect a fanatic?!
People can do what they want to,
But I got a feeling it ain't democratic!
This is a guy who is going
To go further than anyone ever suspected!
Yesterday morning, I wrote him a note
That I'm sorry he wasn't elected!!
I had to go take an amateur from the ranks
Make him a nominee
What does he do? HE WINS!
(Kinda makes you believe in miracles, huh Ben?)
The bum won! The bum won!
God forbid, independent!
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