Fiorello review

Fiorello review

Fiorello Review - Broadway musical

One of the previous mayors of the City of New York, a man named Fiorello LaGuardia, about who is told in this musical in general terms, describing how he came to power, becoming the mayor of city, promising to fight corruption, becoming a thorn in the back of criminals that ruled the city those times. He disdained their help, and won the elections on his own (not in the first time, true, but in the second attempt), then helping to clean the city from the evil mobsters to US president, for which he was famous as an honest politician.

Musical also introduces us naive, strikingly ridiculous looks of some women who advocate for the rights and views. For example, one of them offers to the future mayor to pass a law that would prescribe exactly how husbands should treat their wives (after the wedding, to provide them for a year of a honeymoon, so she had no worries, receiving only love and respect, and being indulging in everything etc.). In general, the desire is understandable, but the form of realization is strange and impossible in the real world. Not that it was impossible in principle (because in loving families in general, everything is like that), but you cannot force to love with a stick; in addition, there is no supervisory authority, which would carry out activities on monitoring the compliance with the implementation of this law. And even if we assume that it will be created, do you imagine its staff’s quantity? In the song I Love A Cop, one of the factory workers sings that she is in love with her class enemy – the police officer who took part in the dispersal of the demonstration. Lawless Heart.

The script incorporates secondary actors whose characters are elaborated largely at the expense of the main storyline, which tells us about mayor. Firstly, his successful activity in the Senate is not displayed almost no way that makes the viewer think that he is some kind of an outsider, not a successful legislator, who has decided to go up the career ladder. Secondly, his success’ progress is shown fragmentary, so it is difficult to make a complete picture in the head of his prominent ascending. Third, his success in 1933 seems rather convex, exaggerated, that adds no credibility to the musical.

The musical received such awards: Pulitzer Prize for best drama in 1960, 4 nominations on Tony & 3 victories. Critics were vied in the words of praise to this musical; it was infinitely loved by everyone. For example, such opinions sounded, that this musical has a great team, which could not be better in the sound or multifaceted actors play, the libretto and music, as well as the lyrics themselves were witty, accurate and imbued with humor so much, as if a sponge, which is full of absorbed water. It was quite a big hit of its time and minor issues didn’t hurt (for example, that a mayor’s wife had died after 9 years of marriage, whereas in life – only after 3).
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