Fiorello synopsis

Fiorello synopsis

Fiorello Synopsis - Broadway musical

This story is about the life of the mayor Fiorello Guardia during the First World War and another 10 years later.

The mayor read the comics strip on the radio, as all the newspaper's employees went on strike. The action takes place in 1915, when in his office many clients waiting for him. Clerks assured everyone that the mayor would help everyone, without exception, even on insolvent issues. The secretary of the mayor discusses financial crisis with his girlfriend. Leader of the women strikers were arrested. The mayor, in contrast, promised to help the strikers. Mobsters, the head of the district and his associates are playing poker when their secretary presents a mayor as a potential candidate in the Congress to defeat the corrupt system.

Mayor is in his office and helps the strikers. He invites his secretary to lunch, but suddenly a head of the strikers returns from prison and she invites the mayor to dine to consider a strategy for further co-actions. Secretary of mayor, Mary, feels stupid because of the failed dinner.

The following year, the mayor is running for Congress. He promises to fight poor authorities and social injustice. As a result, he expectedly wins the elections. The following year, he is campaigning to join the Air Force, also inviting to such a decision the leader of the striking women. Mayor says goodbye to his assistant and goes to war. His participation in the war is documented on a film tape. When the war ended, he returned home, waited by two women – his wife and leader of the protestants. He stays with the second, wanting to marry her. Abandoned wife of a mayor is comforted by his assistant.

In 1929, he included in the race for the seat of mayor of New York, after marriage. This time the local malicious mobsters plot to kill him during the next speech in public. Girlfriend of secretary learns about this and tells a mayor about the evil plans. Company of mayor works well, but he worries about the health of his wife. The plans of elections may be thwarted by the gang. The mayor's wife dies, another candidate wins the race for the seat of mayor. But the man still wants to continue the company, inspired by this tragedy.

Secretary of the mayor comes again and asks a friend to return in the campaign of the mayor so that he could win the election. She helps boss to climb, for which he was immensely grateful and asks for her hand. Girl gives consent, and finally, after a long struggle, he becomes a mayor of New York.
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