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Love is Blind lyrics

Love is Blind

Sit down, my dear
I hear you have a problem
I'm sure you're not disgusting or indiscreet
Take a load off your feet-

Love is a mess
So's my son, expressly to hurt me
Marvin, my ex-
You've seen him for years-
Told me over the phone to tell you my fears
Do you only treat queers?

Breathe deep, my dear
You'll find me understanding
Your pain is a priori
Unfold you untold story
Now to break bread
Loosen your glands
Put your head in my hands

I'm everything he wanted
It's time I put it all together
The date was set
My father let my marry
I married. I?
Then Marvin came from work
Sat me down on the bed
He told me how he loved me
How needed, that thought valued me
I have?


MARVIN: (as Trina mouths this) Syphilis

TRINA: He said


TRINA: I have


MARVIN: (Trina mouths) Syphilis

TRINA: It's true


TRINA: I had something rotten
Which appears thought now it's well forgo, an?

MARVIN: Maybe, darling, so do you

TRINA: Maybe, darling, so do you

TRINA: (to Marvin) I am probably diseased

MENDEL: You're a lovely girl

TRINA: (to Marvin) And so easily appeased

MENDEL: What a lovely girl, though she's probably diseased

TRINA: He took pains to not excited us
He explains I've?

MARVIN: Hepatitis


MARVIN, JASON, AND WHIZZER: Hepa hepa hepatitis hepatitis hepatitis

MENDEL: Love is blind
Love can tell a million stories
Love's unkind
Spiteful in a million ways

TRINA: Then I stayed home from work
Took good care of my men
They faked despair, they wet their bed,
They combed their hair, they acted dead
One said?


JASON: Daddy is a prick


TRINA: He said?


JASON: Daddy isn't mine


TRINA: He filled my coats
With candies and notes, with 'Will you be my valentine'?

MARVIN: (To Whizzer) Will you be my valentine?

TRINA: This gets harder to believe

MENDEL: You're a damaged girl

TRINA: I've a scalpel up my sleeve

ALL: What a damaged girl

MENDEL: Do not ever slit your wrists

TRINA: I've missed him; he's still missing
Don't make noise, but daddy's kissing boys

ALL: Petty, petty, petty, petty

MENDEL AND TRINA: Love is blind
Love can tell a million stories
Love's unkind
Spiteful in a million ways

ALL: Love is blind
Love can tell a million stories
Love's unkind
Spiteful in a million ways

Love is crazy/ Love-
Love is often boring
Love stinks/ Love-
Love is pretty often debris
When you find/ Love-
What you find
Then never, never, never, never, never/ Love-
Do it over again

Love reads like a bad biography/ Love-
All the names are changed to protect the innocent/ Love-

ALL: Love is blind

MENDEL: My name is Mendel
I treat her husband
I think she's very insecure
But so am I
I've never married
Work, work is my passion
Or perhaps that's an alibi

(speak) I don't care to discuss it.

(sing) I think she's charming
I think she's eager
That's unprofessional and mean
But still it's true

ALL: His name is Mendel


MENDEL: Return next Friday I admit I admire you
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