Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist lyrics - Falsettos

Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist lyrics

Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist

Darling, please see a psychiatrist.
He doesn't bite, and he might
Help you understand
Why you are so angry and despised
By all those guys
Who have not been, they have not been analyzed.

Yet, sweetheart, please do not get hysterical.
Reason will win the day, trust me!
Mother never lies.
No one is saying you're a sick neurotic,
But you could find some help.
Hear me out, please.
Yes, you could find some help,
He could help you realize

How confused you are!
Yes, it's very clear.
Daddy's sincere, but a schmo!
You and I must trust our emotions,
Make no commotions.
Will you go'


Jason, please see a psychiatrist.
He's just a psychiatrist.
I'll pay the bill until you're old.

(Marvin repeats his verse, overlapping with the next two verses)

TRINA: (overlapping) Darling, please listen to your father.
(I can't transcribe the rest of this by ear)

JASON: (overlapping)
No, I won't go!
I will not go!
Never, never, never, never,
Never, never, never, never-

TRINA & MARVIN: What a mess this is, this family! Experts can see this is so!

TRINA, MARVIN, and JASON: Photographs can't capture our magic,
We're simply tragic!

TRINA and MARVIN: Will you go'


TRINA and MARVIN: Jason, please see a psychiatrist! He's not-

JASON: I won't say boo!

TRINA and MARVIN: Exorbitant, and he's very smart!

JASON: If intelligence were the only criterion,
Then I wouldn't really need a psychiatrist, would I'


JASON: Would I'


JASON: Just because you failed as parents'

TRINA: ...Get thee to a psychiatrist!

MARVIN: Ah, hey, kid, listen-

JASON: I don't need-

TRINA and MARVIN: He needs a psychiatrist!

JASON: I want-

TRINA and MARVIN: A psychiatrist!

JASON: I want to speak with Whizzer!

MARVIN: Speak with whom'

JASON: With Whizzer.

MARVIN: With Whizzer'

TRINA: With Whizzer.

JASON: With Whizzer.

MARVIN: (speaking) Oh my god.

TRINA, MARVIN, and JASON: (singing) Whizzer! Whizzer! Whizzer! Whizzer!

JASON: Whizzer, do you think I should see a psychiatrist'

WHIZZER: I'm not sure, Jason. Jason, maybe so. Absolutely, Jason.

JASON: ...OK, I'll go.

WHIZZER: He'll go'

JASON: I'll go.

TRINA: He'll go!

JASON: If he comes here-

MARVIN: He'll go.

ALL: He/I'll go!
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