Elegies: A Song Cycle videos

Elegies: Goodbye/Finale
Looking Up Quintet
ELEGIES: "Mister Choi & Madame G"
Brandon Uranowitz - "Mark's All Male Thanksgiving" (Elegies- A Song Cycle)
Elegies: Only One
Brandon Uranowitz, Corey Mach, Nic Rouleau - "Joe Papp" (Elegies- A Song Cycle)
Peggy Hewitt & Mysty del Giorno
Passover - Elegies: A Song Cycle
Annie Freres sings Infinite Joy
Kevin T. Murphy sings Ballad of Jack Eric Williams
Dear Reader
ELEGIES: "Monica & Mark"
Christina Cataldo "Anytime (I Am There)"
ELEGIES: "My Dogs"
ELEGIES: "Venice"
Graham-A-Rama XXIX - 14 Dwight Ave, Natick, Massachusetts/When the Earth Stopped Turning
Steven Gallagher - When the Earth Stopped Turning from Elegies: A Song Cycle
Saying My Goodbyes: Elegies (Goodbye/Boom Boom) - A Song Cycle - (Cover) Kate Hume
Elegies: Looking Up
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