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Album lyrics:
  1. Looking Up Quintet
  2. Mister Choi & Madame G
  3. Mark's All-Male Thanksgiving
  4. Only One
  5. Joe Papp Joe Papp Video
  6. Peggy Hewitt and Mystery del Gior Peggy Hewitt and Mystery del Gior Video
  7. Passover
  8. Infinite Joy
  9. Ballad of Jack Eric Williams
  10. Fred Fred Video
  11. Dear Reader Dear Reader Video
  12. Monica & Mark
  13. Anytime (I Am There)
  14. My Dogs
  15. Venice
  16. 14 Dwight Ave., Natick, Massachusetts 14 Dwight Ave., Natick, Massachusetts Video
  17. When the Earth Stopped Turning
  18. Goodbye/Boom Boom
  19. Looking Up Looking Up Video
  20. Goodbye (Finale) Goodbye (Finale) Video

Elegies: A Song Cycle review

Elegies: A Song CycleReview - Broadway musical

This musical is one of those substandard, in which there is lack of some of mandatory components (songs, words, dance and acting). There was no second. Not a single word without a song said in its production. This may seem to someone precisely what (s)he has come for, because a series of songs is its format and to expect a miracle of different format is simply unreasonable.

What is a musical about? About the bitterness of loss (a friend, mothers, other family member, a pet), the reasons for such (terrorist attack on America in 2001, the disease, even inclusive AIDS) and various forms of such sorrow. Here, everyone will find something that he can associate own, personal feelings that occurred to him or her in life. Most unfortunate is the one who will find similar emotions in every song – such a person has experienced everything. However, to say that it is hopelessly sad is also impossible, since it gives a full range of emotions – from complete obscurity to elation when you know that the worst is behind and now waiting for the new day that will bring mirth. And the next and still another next day, until once in the end, will feel that unwishfull memories were completely erased, even the reflection of the death of your beloved one. The worst thing is that we are afraid of – to die or to lose most loved one. Then life completely loses paints and becomes meaningless. However, with proviso. Which consists in the fact that as long as we remain alive, we must remember this, to try to re-enter in the usual track, and after a few years or a decade, we will keep the cherished memory of the departed, but will love him or her or it and will understand that we have to go on. Because sacrificing our lives in order to not feel the pain is a stupid thing to do. For example, the musical has one of the strongest songs of mother, who tells her daughters that soon she will die from cancer. How could you endure tears in such situation? And what words would you have picked for your own children, telling them such news? It is terribly difficult. Because this musical includes such strong emotions in songs, their cycle is filled with terrific shrill sense and correlation with the souls of everyone who visits it. Calling this spectacle a show, our tongue does not turn, but if you are a fan of tearful exhibitions – than visiting this, you will have plenty of reasons to cry. However, we believe that the main purpose of this musical – is to give such opportunity to the audience and when they to get out of the room with wet cheeks, the goal is achieved.

Five actors, five chairs on a minimalistic stage, only a piano as accompaniment, and so this format is very suitable for the production and understandable to all audiences. A couple of paintings hanging on the walls, completing the integrity of the scene decoration. We wish you a shrill evening in the company of sentimental songs and you will love this musical.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

Elegies: A Song Cycle review
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