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Monica & Mark lyrics

Monica & Mark

In the hospital?
Waiting for Mark to get better.
Arthur and I met his good friends
Andy and Monica,
Whom we had heard about for years.

Andy and Monica
Were in town to go to an opera with Mark.
But Mark wasn?t going anywhere,
So we sat in the lobby,
Incredibly slobby,
And waited (we waited)
We waited, we waited
For Mark to get better.
Monica was getting upsetter and upsetter.

And we said:
`Relax, Monica,
Take a walk, Monica,
Get some rest, Monica,
That?d be best, Monica.
Come on, we`ll go with you.?

But before we were outside the door
My doctor Stubbsy Forester
asked what we were waiting for, and I said:
We`re waiting for our friend,
we are waiting for our friend to get better?

So he pulled Mark`s chart and bless his heart
Stubbsy sat down to explain`
He explained that Mark had AIDS.
He explained that AIDS was then fatal?
Something we did not know at the time.
So as a group we began to swoon.

He massaged our shoulder blades.
He said Mark would die that afternoon.
He suggested that we see him soon,
Very soon?

Every Thanksgiving, Mark made his
All-male Thanksgiving dinner,
Where men made the turkey,
And men made the cranberries?

So Mark died and we became friends
With Andy and Monica.
When they adopted their second girl

They named her after Mark:
Zoe Thalen Feinstein?
(Thalen was Mark?s last name)
and they asked us to be her godparents
which we gladly became, we became,
yes, we very gladly became.

So we watched the angels grow
And torture each other.
But really we fell in love
With Monica the mother.

Suddenly, out of the blue it happened?
Monica`s losing her hair.
Monica`s losing too much weight too quickly,

She goes to the doctor says, I`m dying.
He says, You`re overwrought.
She says, I`m angry as hell,
But overwrought is what I?m not.?

The boys said:
Relax, Monica.
Men mean best, Monica.
You?re just stressed, Monica.
Get some rest, Monica.?
She said: Aw, go **** yourself
And went to the movies.

So she planned her funeral
And these were her wishes:
She wanted`I quote
Bill to sing a song he wrote
That?d make the people cry.

I`ll write a new song
Wait?I?m thinking
Da, da, da
I`ll write a new song and I`ll play it
Told from her point of view.
Maybe a mother singing to her daughters.

Worked on the new song every minute,
Minute the song was through
Monica called and said
It`s time you visit.

This is the song I sang for Monica
This is the song I wrote

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