Elegies: A Song Cycle (musical) (lyrics, songs)

Due to the simplicity of the format of spectacle (a collection of songs rather than classic musical), it's easy to play it on almost every stage, with any level of professionalism of the actors and the entire production team. Most of its notable shows were made in:

– November 2004, in the UK, with such actors: L. Ward, P. Caulfield, S. Fellows, R. Shell & J. Barrowman;
– May 2004, Boston: L. Barrett, M. Mendiola, W. McGarrahan, J. Delgado & K. Dowling;
– March of 2007, Toronto: M. Strathmore, T. Allison, E.–J. Scott, S. Gallagher & B. Barsky;
– 2010, August, New York: K. O'Malley, D. de Haas, A. Milazzo, J. Forbach & M. B. Dunn.

As for non-professional performances, they were more than a hundred, in various versions, including the execution of separate songs at some events, as in the example in "Video" section, where the first song is performed in some restaurant.
Release date: 2003
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

Elegies: A Song Cycle lyrics list

  1. Looking Up Quintet Lyrics
  2. Mister Choi & Madame G Lyrics
  3. Mark's All-Male Thanksgiving Lyrics
  4. Only One Lyrics
  5. Joe Papp Lyrics Joe Papp Video  add
  6. Peggy Hewitt and Mystery del Gior Lyrics Peggy Hewitt and Mystery del Gior Video  add
  7. Passover Lyrics
  8. Infinite Joy Lyrics
  9. Ballad of Jack Eric Williams Lyrics
  10. Fred Lyrics Fred Video  add
  11. Dear Reader Lyrics Dear Reader Video  add
  12. Monica & Mark Lyrics
  13. Anytime (I Am There) Lyrics
  14. My Dogs Lyrics
  15. Venice Lyrics
  16. 14 Dwight Ave., Natick, Massachusetts Lyrics 14 Dwight Ave., Natick, Massachusetts Video  add
  17. When the Earth Stopped Turning Lyrics
  18. Goodbye/Boom Boom Lyrics
  19. Looking Up Lyrics Looking Up Video  add
  20. Goodbye (Finale) Lyrics Goodbye (Finale) Video  add
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