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Goodbye/Boom Boom lyrics

Goodbye/Boom Boom

I would like to say it`s been a privilege
Living my life with you
Who would`ve bet` When we met things would turn out as well as they did
We had a sweet remarkable kid
The first of an expected four
I`m thinkin` we won`t have many more
Just saying my goodbyes
The living was the prize
The ending`s not the story
Just saying my goodbyes

Boom boom
The architect is screaming
Boom boom
He sees his buildings burn
Boom boom
He writes to whom it does concern
And stands there like a lion grieving
Nodding, disbelieving
When will decency return`
Boom boom
Her husband left home early
Boom boom
She turns the tv on
And scrolling down is a list of tiny names
The place he works is in flames
She wanted so many things
The phone rings

Tell our perfect child I wasn`t perfect
Except in loving him
I expect, I`m correct
When I say he`s the salt of the earth
Remember, my love
The day of his birth
When I sang goofy songs and wept
I thought we had it all except
I`m saying my goodbyes
The living was the prize
The endings not the story
I`m saying my goodbyes

Boom boom
The machine picked up the phone call
Boom boom
Her feet were made of lead
Boom boom
She listened as her husband said
The words she always hoped he`d murmur
Still her feet held firmer
When he hung up, she went to bed
Her son at school
Boom boom boom
Life shattered
Boom the golden rule
Everything went boom boom boom boom
Boom boom
The architect, the dreamer
Assumes everything will collapse
The buildings fall
And he sits there whistling Taps
Outside the air`s opaque white
Outside the day`s turned to night
Its hell
Oh well

Why not restart the day
Let`s say it never happened
Why won`t the picture fit the frame
Throw those bad hours away
Make like it never happened
Will our lives ever be the same
Boom Boom Boom
Boom Boom Boom

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