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Infinite Joy lyrics

Infinite Joy

Goodness is rewarded
Hope is guaranteed
Laughter builds strong bones
Right will intercede
Things you've said I often find I need

I see the world through your eyes
What's black and white is colorized
The knowledge you most dearly prized
I'm eager to employ
You said that life has infinite joy

Your heart
Your glee
Haunt me
Your words strike suddenly
They're obvious but wise

I see the world through your eyes
And possibilities expand
The one thing I don't understand
Is how you kept your poise
When life has infinite joys
Life has infinite joys
Infinite joys

Your face
Your voice
To have you back with me
Is such a fine surprise

I see the world through your eyes
I taste lemon on my lips
I marvel at the sailing ships
Of well-dressed girls and boys
And life--
Life has infinite joys
Has infinite joys
Life has infinite, infinite joys
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