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Watch Your Ass lyrics

Watch Your Ass

Yeaaah, it's a perfect day to raise some hell,
to crash the car you've stolen

To make some guy feel really swell,
by makin' his face swollen

it's a golden age for rebels,
for the teen who disobeys!
But if you got class you gotta watch your ass these days

Yeaaah you gotta watch your ass (x2)

drapes like us love skippin' school, to make out at the movies

drinkin', smokin', shootin' pool, and bustin' out of juvie

we're also fond of lurking in abandoned alley ways

Yeaaah you gotta watch your ass (x2)

you can't be too careful,
you can't be too cautious,
your future's uncertain...

your face makes me nauseous.

Sorry i'm late.

Who's he?

That's Wade Walker.

Some people call him Cry-baby.

Well, it's a perfect day to scare a square,
for no apparent reason,
for singin', dancin', standin' there, or maybe just for sneezin',
your fear of other people never ceases to amaze,
you call that class? you better watch your ass these days.

Yeaaah you gotta watch your ass (x2)

You don't like our attitude, our music, or our grromin',
you call us lewd and rude and crude,
you think we're barely human,
well the drapes are not as hoped for you're just goin' through a phase,
but when you have that class you better watch your ass these days

Yeaaah you gotta watch your ass (x2)

yeah the world is full of thugs and thieves, and tramps and scamps and beggars,
and each one comes, and each one leaves

and that's how I got preggers

and the lesson that you learn is,
well by now you know it well...

you really got to watch your ass
Ass ass ass ass ass

You gotta watch your ass these days.

Last Update: February, 10th 2016

Watch Your Ass
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