Cry-Baby synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. The Anti-Polio Picnic
  3. Watch Your Ass
  4. I'm Infected
  5. Squeaky Clean Squeaky Clean Video
  6. Nobody Gets Me Nobody Gets Me Video
  7. Nobody Gets Me (reprise) 
  8. Jukebox Jamboree 
  9. A Whole Lot Worse A Whole Lot Worse Video
  10. Screw Loose
  11. Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby (Baby Baby) Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby (Baby Baby) Video
  12. Girl, Can I Kiss You...? Girl, Can I Kiss You...? Video
  13. I'm Infected (Reprise)
  14. You Can't Beat the System You Can't Beat the System Video
  15. Act 2
  16. Misery, Agony, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Heartache and Woe
  17. It's All in My Head
  18. Jailyard Jubilee 
  19. A Little Upset A Little Upset Video
  20. I Did Something Wrong...Once I Did Something Wrong...Once Video
  21. Thanks for the Nifty Country! Thanks for the Nifty Country! Video
  22. This Amazing Offer This Amazing Offer Video
  23. Do That Again Do That Again Video
  24. Nothing Bad's Ever Gonna Happen Again Nothing Bad's Ever Gonna Happen Again Video

Cry-Baby synopsis

Cry-BabySynopsis - Broadway musical

Cry-Baby is the nickname of a young man Milton Hackett, who is in a semblance of a gang of tough guys and same girls of America's 1950 – 1960. He has a girlfriend, but some time after school he meets another, Allison Vernon-Williams, and they immediately fall in mutual love. Milton has an interesting feature – he may cry with one eye only, at particularly sensitive moments. Thanks to this skill, a lot of girls go mad about him. He has other admirers, whom he not encourages, and denies all their courtesies. Allison and Milton share their memories of their parents. His father was executed on the electric chair because he bombed the cities in pursuit of own beliefs. Her parents had concern that their girl would never orphaned, as they were always flying in different planes on their business, until one day the two aircrafts crashed in the same day, still making her an orphan.

Once Cry-Baby learns about the competition of talented singers that is organized by his new girlfriend’s grandmother. He wants to take part in it, even though initially faces skeptical attitude on the part of organizers and other participants. One of the latest starts a fight and for participation of Cry-Baby in it, he is jailed, to the big dismay of his friends, a girl and now the organizer of the song contest, because she already had the opportunity to evaluate his singing talent.

Allison organizes a supporting group of Cry-Baby, in order to let him out of prison. As a result of efforts and demonstrations that she organized, he was released & continued to participate in the competition. One of the girls, who was a fan of him, rejected though, says to Allison that she is pregnant from him. Feeling cheated, Allison leaves Cry-Baby and returns to her former boyfriend, Baldwin. Not reaching her goal, this seem-to-be-pregnant girl still isn’t staying with him, because he does not want that.

Baldwin, who does not like Cry-Baby, organizes "a chicken fight" with him, where Baldwin looses. Last remains with Allison, despite not yet completely ceased love between her and Milton. The latter, by the way, while he was in prison, made a permanent tattoo on the face in the form of a drop of tear, so it stayed with him, as it does not dry up, opposed to real tears, which are short-timed.
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Cry-Baby synopsis
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