Nobody Gets Me lyrics - Cry-Baby

Nobody Gets Me lyrics

Nobody Gets Me

You people think you know me but you don't know squat
Here's a brief memo that you may not have got!

Nobody gets me
You say I'm no good
Nobody gets me!
No way you could

Nobody understands I'm misunderstood

See, I've got a vision
Of a world that's fair (of a world that's fair)
Where it don't matter (no, it don't)
It's neither here nor there (It's neither here nor there!)
A world where let's say, I don't know
My parents don't fry in a chair! (no-o)

The day my folks died was the day I swore
I would never back down just because I was poor
A little respect is all I'm asking you for
But when I show you my face, you show me the door!

Nobody gets me! (no no)
Don't bother to try (don't even try)
Keep right on calling me names (mmhm)
I'll never cry (no, will never cry!)
I'm in complete command of the lacrimal gland in each eye!

Why are you so mad?
Nobody gets him!

Why are you bad?
Nobody gets him!

Why are you so loud?
Nobody gets him!

Why are you so proud?
Nobody gets him!
Why don't you belong?
Nobody gets him!

Why are you just wrong?
Nobody gets him!

Let me ask you something
Who gets me?




Put your hands up


Nobody! Nobody! Nobody!

Time to fly
Say goodbye
Sign me in your register as Baby comma... Cry.

Last Update: December, 16th 2020

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