Cry-Baby review

Cry-Baby review

Cry-Baby Review - Broadway musical

There have been following awards given to this musical: Tony Award – 4 nominations; Drama Desk Award – 1 win (for best choreography) – and all this in 2008, for the original musical. Its continuation hadn’t receive neither awards nor nominations.

The musical, like the original film, has got mixed reviews. On the one hand, the film Cry Baby in 1990, in which, besides Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop acted, has become a cult for several years. On the other hand, it never paid off, because it was too specific and talent of the young Depp in this film was not fully disclosed. The plot of the musical, in principle, was exactly the same, with only those obligatory modifications that are required to release it to the stage. More music, the presence of the libretto – all these are understood changes. Critics were divided into two camps, as well as those who watched the movie. One liked its young energy and a lot of humor, which almost never stopped pouring down from the stage. It was sometimes brash, sometimes on the verge of a foul, when the actors begin to play too much. For example, in the scene where the girl said, "today is Thursday, and I'm not pregnant on Thursdays". Critics also have compared it with the very popular Hairspray. On the other hand, others called it not only tasteless, but also having savor of a disgusting chewing gum, which was chewed week ago to complete exhalation, and its characters were even called "putrid". In fact, looking at the pompous fat woman (no matter, if there was a pillow under her dress or she really was with this inflated round belly), which was very sloppy and didn’t take care after herself, whose self-esteem was at the level of spoiled princess, you can believe that some of the critics who disapproved the play, were eventually right.

Waters, who worked here as the director, was unable to repeat his most brilliant production – already mentioned Hairspray. This production can be called as fade parody on it. Although there was an interesting, lively, but not protruding, vulgarity, we cannot call its owners as interesting or musical in general, with its whole aura, as exciting. Feed of the material made as if in hasty style, just to read the text of his/her role and to play fast so to go home as quickly as possible – such a desire is felt from every second actor. Spectators were watching as if detached, almost without any empathy to the scene heroes. There were, indeed, a couple dozen of very successful jokes, but they do not allow to pull the musical up, to become at least a little more successful. Total of 60+ regular shows on Broadway – it is even less than 1 season. Musical not inflames you, as you expect from a stage production as a spectator, exchanging your evening to watch a performance. Obviously, many such expectations were deceived.
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