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The Anti-Polio Picnic lyrics

The Anti-Polio Picnic

It's a beautiful day for an anti-polio picnic! Picnic!
It's a beautiful day to get a polio shot!
A brave new world's in store,
for picturesque (Closemore NOT SURE?!?) , Baltimore

(Spoken) And if you value the use of your legs,
you came to the right spot

What a wonderful time to be a teenage conformist! (conformist!)
What a wonderful time to be what's known as a square (We are square!)
We're lucky to be us,
so happy and homogen-eous

(Spoken) But still one must take care for danger's lurking

(Spoken) What we know Miss VW is you can't be too careful

We watch for communists
Keep tabs on UFOs
Steer clear of weirdos,
And Beardos
and Pinkos
And cloth heads, God only knows!

We frown on (potty mouth - NOT SURE?!?)
We don't wear skimpy hoes (No! No!)
We avoid all temptation
We fight our insurgents
We repress all our lustful and primitive urges

(Spoken) And now in his iron lung is the mascot of our carnival
and Baltimore's polio poster boy of the year, Ray (long last name)

(Spoken) Thanks everybody, I sure wish I could have got that shot (referring to an Anti-Polio Shot)

So run right along to the Anti-Polio Picnic (Anti-Polio Picnic!)
Come on along and protect yourself from disease (ow...Disease!)
You're going to be right just do what you're told and tow the line
You got to watch your step in times like these...
You got to watch your step in times like these....

(screaming & shouting)

[Thanks to Jason Parker for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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