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I'm Infected lyrics

I'm Infected

I suffered through the measles
I made it through the mumps
Chicken pox's was nothing
I nicknamed all bumps

But now my palms sweaty
And my tickers skipping thumps
My skin is turning green
My thoughts are so unclean
I think cupid slipped a mickie in my polio-vaccine

I'm infected, I'm infected
With these feelings that you've injected
In my arm and in my heart
Feeling in every body part
Baby I'm infected with your love
Baby I'm infected with your love

Ain't never seen no doctor
Ain't never take you sick
One time I had the stab wound
A band aid did the trick

I'm the type who suffers
On some tiny little prick
But this tenderness I feel
Is painful, and its real
My soul just gotta boo-boo
And no wowie pop can heal

I'm infected, I'm infected
With these feelings that you've injected
Now your pulsing through each vein
And your pounding in my brain
Oh Baby, I'm infected with your love
Baby I'm infected with your love

Now I'm yearning

And I'm burning

And am I sighing

And I'm moaning

Could it be the greases monkeys
That the vaccine was groaning

Whatever you've shot into me
I need another dose

Did you say greases monkeys
Man, thats gross...

That's gross!

Were infected!
Were infected!
Lets take this love
Only as directed

It's much worse diagnosis
Then mononucleosis
But it feels so much better than I ever expected


I've never felt so queezy
I've never felt so high
I'm getting from a vision
From an angel so divine
No matter what I've gotta do
I'm gonna make her mine
I'm infected, I'm infected
Oh baby! I'm infected with your love
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I'm Infected
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