Stranger to the Rain lyrics - Children Of Eden

Stranger to the Rain lyrics

Stranger to the Rain


Shed no tears for me
There'll be rain enough today
I'm wishing you Godspeed as I wave you on your way
This won't be the first time I've stayed to face
The bitter consequences of ancient fall from grace
I'm a daughter of the race of Cain
I am not stranger to the rain

And for the boy who's given me the sweetest love I know
I wish for you another love so you won't be alone
Because I am bound to walk among the wounded and the slain
And when the storm comes crashing on the plain
I will dance before the lightning to music sacred and profane

Oh, shed no tears
Light no candle for my sake
This journey I'll making now
Is one we all must take
Shoulder to the wind
I'll turn my face into the spray
And when the heavens open
Let the drops fall where they may
May they finally wash away the stain
OF a daughter of teh race of Cain
I am not a stranger to the rain
Let it rain!
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