Children Of Eden review

Children Of Eden Review - Broadway musical

This is similar to the musical The Apple Tree, in essence and presenting of information. The plot – the biblical Adam and Eve, passing all stages – from meeting, dating and giving names to animals, the birth of their children and exile. The important difference that The Apple Tree’s Adam was shown as a cynic and a narcissistic loner, but in this show, he is depicted as a naive young man in love. Above that, in the before-mentioned musical, all the action ends with the death of Eve and Adam is left alone, growing a garden planted by Eve. Therefore, the events in The Apple Tree savor their acquaintance, mutual affection and everything that happens to the exile. This one explains a lot more. Apart from what has been said, here is also a clutch of new people, whom Eve gives birth to, the fratricide, a big chronology of time before the events of Noah and the flood and the Ark and rescue on it, including family dismantling and reflection of the curse of the patriarchal line of Cain, whose all descendants have a special birth-mark on their skin.

The popularity of this musical is in its easy scalability in the number of actors and in the size of the scene, the same as in the prop, until its complete absence. Also – because of the opportunity to play it entirety or parts thereof, clarity of eternal truths, which it sets out – family values, murder, procreation, the knowledge and the loss of paradise and eager to find it, and hope that we are return there someday. Incidentally, the Garden of Eden has very likely engendered the concept of Heaven, where we return after death, finding the way to the lost Eden, that we had lost many, many generations ago. The concept of its search over time evolved into the whole religion (and even many of them), where the look for Eden in the earthly life is not a literal search (although there are some people that take this concept literally, so they plow the globe of the world in vain or productive quests – looking for paradise, who believes in what kind of it), but keeping the righteous way of life, and the result will be guaranteed journey to the pleasant Afterlife, not in Hell.

Stephen Schwartz, director, conductor and founder, hands to many (if not all) professional productions of this musical. We can say that it has become a successful business of his life. He even drove it to Australia. In 2014, its one-time presentation took place in Kennedy Center, with following cast: J. Jordan, R. Bohmer, R. N. Jones, A. Brown & C. Brown.
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