Children Of Eden synopsis

Children Of Eden synopsis

Children Of Eden Synopsis - Broadway musical

"Let There Be" opens the story of creation, Book of Genesis. Here the Creator though populated Earth with people, animals, fish and reptiles, for some reason does not want Adam and Eve approached and get acquainted. In addition to the fact that Eve violates the prohibition to come close to the Tree of Knowledge, she is also constantly wants something more than having today, representing a significant desire for knowledge, unlike Adam, who looks like a scatty boy.

There is a very interesting storyline dualism, which is almost never portrayed in the classical adaptations of the original biblical story. Adam turns out to have a choice – to either stay in the Garden of Eden or either to bite from the Apple of Knowledge and being ejected along with Eve. He chooses to stay with Eve, and banished from the Garden, and then they have children with well-known names. Cain as much as his mother, eager to learn and gives the word to his parents that he would find the Garden of Eden, going on a journey. During the search, he discovers traces of the presence of other people, saying this to his father. Adam admits that he knew about it, but was afraid to tell a family because of the negative consequences. Cain becomes hysterical, and in the heat of a fight with his father, accidentally kills his brother, raising his hand to kill Adam. Adam curses Cain for eternity. Eve gives birth to another son, Seth, who had his own children. Eva dies.

Then many of the descendants are born from Cain and Seth, and it comes to Noah and his family, and the second act of the musical tells about events from Noah’s life. He learns about the great flood and he builds The Arc. All three sons of Noah are on the Ark with their wives, while a third had some trouble because of his wife, due to Noah who initially did not want to take her along, because she was a descendant of Cain, fratricide, and wore the mark of his tribe.

After discovering that his wife is aboard, at first, other wanted to throw her overboard, but husband did not allow his brothers to do so. The case turns into a fight, but wise Noah decides that even people from a sort of Cain deserve to live, as Deity wanted to let them to, so he leaves her on the board. Soon there comes an enlightenment in the veil of heaven and they see the stars, the flood subsides and they are preparing for a new life ("In the Beginning").
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