Opening / Almost Nearly Perfect lyrics - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Opening / Almost Nearly Perfect lyrics

Opening / Almost Nearly Perfect

Chocolate! Chocolate! Rots your teeth, and makes you fat. Get your lovely chocolate here.

Look at this mess. People just guzzle up their chocolate and throw away the wrappers without the slightest thought.

I'm glad they do that.


If people didn't throw things away, I'd have nothing to pick up.

Very philosophical, I'm sure.

Look at this
Bent umbrella
Hardly know why you'd throw it away
I've a trick with some wire and stick
So I'll save it for a rainy day

Here's a glove
With no partner
It got lost so she tossed you aside, but
I've a date for you wooly mate
And the half-a-heaven you provide

Almost nearly perfect
Yes, it's near enough to new
Your trash is my treasure
Your good bye is my how d'ya do
How d'ya do?
How d'ya do again?
How d'ya do?
Very well then!

Here's a coin
Well it once was
Now it's a smashed penny token
But I know that my Grandpa Joe
Would say "This is only barely broken!"

Here's a tin
Let me at it
When I run everyone is a fan
Hear the roar as I kick and I score
Then my picture's on the label of the can

It's almost nearly perfect
Yes, it's near enough to new
Your trash is my treasure
Your good bye is my how d'ya do

Found a book with missing pages
Not a problem, I know how it ends
Good king Charlie in his kingdom
Lots of chocolate, lots of friends

How d'ya do
Loyal subjects
Bring me sweets, royal treats for a king
Must be pure for a connoisseur
Or executioner's axe shall swing

But 'till then
I'm just Charlie
Full of talk, but no chocolate bars
Pleasant day when I have my say
Mister Wonka will decree
Every candy shall be free
There'll Wonka chocolates falling from the stars

And that'll be absolutely perfect
Just enough to make you cry
Hear the whistle blowing
How d'ya do has to be good bye
Good bye

I'm home!

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