Don't Ya Pinch Me, Charlie lyrics - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Don't Ya Pinch Me, Charlie lyrics

Don't Ya Pinch Me, Charlie

Grandpa Joe,
how d'ya know,
I'll be coming home today
with something good, something gold,
something special that I can hold
Mr. Wonka How d'ya do
tomorrow morning I'll be seeing you!

(Grandpa Joe)
Charlie, what is it?

Grandpa joe, we won!

(Grandpa Joe)
Charlie, get my uniform,
Upon the shelf,
And dust off all the years since it's been worn

I admit for quite a while I haven't been myself.
But spread the news!
A new Joe has been born!

Though I haven't walked in years,
change my oil and check my gears,
Give my hair a clip, and whip my shaving cream.

But don't, don't, don't ya pinch me Charlie,
I don't want to wake up from this golden dream,

Joe, what are you doing?

We are going to visit the chocolate factory!!

But Joe, You can't walk!

I can run a four minute mile, just like
I did in the 48 olympics!

Josephine get the thread and needle from the kit!
I'm sure the moths have had a wooly chew.
And you won't have to alterate my trousers will still fit.
cause I haven't et since I was 22!!!!!

While your mother starts to dress me,
And your dad can iron and press me,
Press the peddle to the kettle for the steam!

But don't, don't,don't ya pinch me Charlie,
I don't want to wake up from this golden dream!!!!

It's a miracle!

It's an accident waitin' to happen!

Oh, Charlie if I'm sleeping
Let me dream and I'll keep leapin'
'Cause the capity days are gone without a trace!

(George, Georgina, and Josephine)

And if I never waken,
What a trip I will have taken!
You can bury we with a smile upon my face!

Charlie get my dancing shoes from out the Pullman Trunk,
And get ready for the Bucket buck-and-wing!


I don't need a pint of whiskey,
'Cause I already feel drunk!
You're intoxicating as the first of spring!

Yes I'm creaky and I'm olden,
But you're ticket oh so golden's
Got me floatin' like I'm boatin' down the stream!

But don't, don't don'tcha pinch me, Charlie.
I don't wanna wake up from this golden dream.

Come on, Josephine, George, Georgina!
Get up! Get out of bed! We're not gonna take this lying down!

'Till those bloomers come in dover!

Empty pocket days are over!

We'll have no more cabbage suppers?
Now I'll have to wear me uppers!

While the whole world travels steerage!

We'll be listed in Berg's peerage!

Well the first thing we should do,
Is to down a pint or to!

From underneath me Pullman arches,
I'll need military marches!

With our luck we'll play the horses!

We can even get divorces!

We'll be royal!

We'll be posh!

Does that mean I'll have to wash?

A little traveling music please!

I'm surprised we still have knees!

Cherry, where are you?

Jerry, I'm in a shack,
Where unlikely urchin Charlie Bucket has just won the very last Golden Ticket,
Charlie, how do you feel?

Oh, when the sun came out today,
My life was still the same
I picked the same old Barber Shop to School

When suddenly a chocolate bar was calling out my name,
And showing me the Wonka Golden Rule!

I never flew a kite that flies,
Never ever won a race,
Was always sick when they would pick the winning team!

But don't, don't don'tcha pinch your


I don't wanna wake up from this golden dream!

Take it away, Grandpa Joe!

Well, I was always certain that my luck would never change,
I lost the will to ever leave me bed

Never to leave our bed!

Oh, my four leaf clover's wilted
And my rabbit's foot had


The genie in the bottle turned out dead!

Quite dead!

Seemed like

Nobody could hear us,
No parade would ever cheer us!

Ah, but major luck now plays our Bucket theme!

Ba Ba Ba Baa

So don't don't don'tcha pinch me, Charlie!

I don't wanna wake up from this golden dream!

Yes, we're feeling optimistic,
Now a touch so nonrealistic,
Please don't startle us 'cause we must be in a trance!

It's so dreamy that we hope ya,
Someday visit our utopia,
Why just walk in your sleep, when you can sing or dance!

(Happiness and Celebration)

With both me feet back on the floor,
It's like the day we won the war,
And the victory is all because of you!

So now Hip! Hip! Hip hooray for!
Hip! Hip! Hip hooray for

Hip, hip, hip hooray for


You're the one who made our golden dreams come true!

Hip! Hip!

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