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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Opening / Almost Nearly Perfect
  3. The Amazing Fantastical History Of Mr. Willy Wonka
  4. A Letter from Charlie Bucket A Letter from Charlie Bucket Video
  5. News of Augustus / More of Him to Love
  6. News of Veruca / When Veruca Says
  7. News of Violet / The Double Bubble Duchess News of Violet / The Double Bubble Duchess Video
  8. News of Mike / Its Teavee Time! News of Mike / Its Teavee Time! Video
  9. If Your Mother Were Here If Your Mother Were Here Video
  10. Don't Ya Pinch Me, Charlie Don't Ya Pinch Me, Charlie Video
  11. It Must Be Believed to Be Seen
  12. Act 2
  13. Strike That! Reverse It! Strike That! Reverse It! Video
  14. The Chocolate Room / Simply Second Nature The Chocolate Room / Simply Second Nature Video
  15. Augustus' Downfall / Auf Weidersehen Augustus Gloop
  16. Gum! / Juicy! Gum! / Juicy! Video
  17. Veruca's Nutcracker Sweet Veruca's Nutcracker Sweet Video
  18. Vidiots Vidiots Video
  19. Pure Imagination
  20. A Little Me A Little Me Video
  21. It Must Be Believed to Be Seen (Reprise) It Must Be Believed to Be Seen (Reprise) Video

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cast

Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryCast - Broadway musical

Music and Lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman
Book by David Greig

Charlie Bucket
Willy Wonka
Grandpa Joe
Mr. Salt
Veruca Salt
Mrs. Gloop
Augustus Gloop
Mr. Beauregarde
Violet Beauregarde
Mrs. Teavee
Mike Teavee
Grandma Georgina
Mrs. Bucket
Mrs. Pratchett
Jerry/Lovebird Man
Cherry/Lovebird Woman
Mr. Bucket
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cast
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