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Overture/Can't Wait lyrics

Overture/Can't Wait

How come I couldn't cross my own street
Why was I scared to get to my door
Just 'cause I knew that I have to meet Cynthia Benson
I wish I knew what's happ'ning to me
She's just a girl I know since I'm four
Why do I sweat the moment I see Cynthia Benson
What's the big deal about Cynthia Benson
I wish mom wouldn't bug me
I wish I'd start to grow
I wish mom wouldn't hug me
In front of kids I know
Can't wait till I get older

I used to have this sweet little kid
Now there's an alien up in his room
He used to talk now everything's hid
Something is changing

Here's where a stage of parenthood ends
We were so close then suddenly boom
All that he talks to now are his friends
Something is changing
Something he's not gonna tell me

I wish kids were less wearing
I wish they'd change their jeans
I wish I wasn't staring
At seven years of teens
Can't wait until it's over


Soon as his chores and homework are done
Carnival's on, please don't make me shout
Never forget before you have fun
You have to take the garbage out
Hey, Billy, take the garbage out
You have to take the garbage out!

Why don't you do it?

What did you say?

I said I'll be right down!

I wish the teens were over
I wish they'd never start
Wish kids could get to grown-up
Without the growing part
Can't wait till I stop wishing

Why can't I just do things on my own?

Can't wait until they're older!

Why can't my parents leave me alone?

Can't wait until they're neater!
Can't wait until they're older!
Can't wait until they're neater!
Thirteen will soon be over!
Can't WAIT!
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