Big synopsis

Big synopsis

Big Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story of this musical is almost complete repetition of the plot of the film "Big" with Tom Hanks – when he was a young cheerful man, not the grandfather with large tum, which he is today. The story begins when 12-year-old boy Josh very much wants to grow because he believes that the life of a small is sucks. Near the magical machine, that supposedly grants wishes, he thinks of his secret one and the next day he is an adult. Handling eventually all troubles, that follow such an unexpected growing-up, he and his friend go to the supermarket of toys where he starts playing on a floor piano. He is captured on this by the owner of the corporation of toys and he is hired on job as a tester of toys – look at all the trends and determine whether they bring the fun from the gaming with them. You must see the great joy on his face when he receives his first paycheck – for $ 120 per week. Indescribably!

Being temporarily adult, he is drawn into some adult games and even falls in love with a local girl through his childlike behavior, which is captivating. Many who remembers the joke from the movie – she had visited his house for the known reasons, and he said that "I'll be on top", leaping on top of bunk bed whilst she is confused, not knowing what to say.

Over time, his passion for this girl grows into a strong mutual attraction to each other and they make love. Gained strengths of this event, Josh comes to work and starting to give orders because he has the idea of stunning toys for the New Year, and the president of the company gives him his own personal cornered office and now Josh is on top of happiness, and wouldn’t want to go back to be a kid again. He was very detached from his environment and from his once best friend, being busy with adult chores, which he is now filled of.

He then realizes that he does not know how to behave in all aspects of adult life and decides to tell the truth to his girlfriend, but she sees it as an attempt to break up with her and runs away in tears. Josh realizes that he needs to regain his past life and he finds the machine that made him big and makes a wish again to be himself, and his girlfriend sees it all and understands that he was telling the truth, giving him a farewell kiss.
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