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It's Time lyrics

It's Time

BOYS: i'm freakin out stuck here on this street

GIRLS: i'm gonna die from being alone

BOYS: gotta go where theres people to meet

GIRL: hi jane

BOYS: hi mike

GIRLS: i'm boared

BOYS: i hear ya

BILLY: you said you'd call my phone never rang

GIRLS: hi friend it's me

BILLY: waiting for you my days getting blown

GIRLS: i'm up the wall

BILLY: i need to get with some of the gang

GIRLS: at noon i'm free

BOYS: i'm on

GIRLS: the mall

BOYS:it's time

GIRLS: let's get there

BOYS: we'll beg

GIRLS:we'll crawl

BOYS: we'lll bike

GIRLS: we'll get there

ALL: the malls the place
lets go we'll race
we'll hang

ALL: it's time

BILLY:time to hang with the gang out at the mall

ALL: it's time

BILLY: but my best friend still didn't call

ALL: it's time

BILLY: all the plans we made are in the crapper

ALL: it's time

BILLY: i'm so pissed i'm talkin like a rapper

ALL: it's time

BILLY: chew on this i'm pissed because you dissed me

ALL: it's time

BILLY: it was time to come home but you dissmed me

ALL: it's time

BILLY: look at me nothins worse crap than a little white polish boy from jersy talkin rap

BOYS: how about meeting you in this dump

GIRLS: seein you guys i'm totally thrown

BOYS:how bout we all hang out in a lump it's not

GIRLS: a date

BOYS: of course

GIRLS: no question

BOYS: we'll meet

GIRLS: walk

BOYS: we'll eat

GIRLS: talk

ALL: we'll flock
it's time

BILLY: time for us ya we're right in your face

GIRL: we grown up and we ownin the place

ALL:it's time

BOY: we're the big kids were bad and we're mean

ALL:it's time we go to flicks rated pg-13 it's time

GIRL:hang with us you won't hear no sweet talk

ALL: it's time

GIRL: shopping with a creit card and talkin street talk

ALL:it's time

BILLY: i am free i'm in charge of the mix

ALL: til my mom comes to pick me up at 6 it's time
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