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Coffee, Black lyrics

Coffee, Black

Josh: Ha, ha, golly you’re cute this morning.
Sweeter than a morning snack.
Guess who, would like some brew?
Oh, and make that coffee black.
Wearin my suit this morning
I bet ya had a heart attack
It's strange but for a change
I'll take that coffee black
Life is neat
One big dream
Aw it's so sweet
Who needs sugar and cream?
Splashed on some Brut this morning
I’m snazzy as a Cadillac
I'm up, so grab your cup
and let's have coffee, lots of coffee, shots of coffee, pots of coffee
Oh yeah, and make that coffee black
Watson: But you don't drink coffee.
Josh: Miss Watson, get production on the line
Watson: Get production on the line
Josh: Set a meeting here at 10:00
Watson: Set a meeting here at 10:00
Josh: Tell McGregor in Design
Watson: Tell McGregor in Design
Josh: I want sketches here by then
Watson: You want sketches here by then
Josh: Get a guy to shine my boots
Watson: Get the guy to shine your boots
Josh: Send Publicity a fax
Watson: Send Publicity a fax
Josh: Order 10 Armani suits
Watson: Order 10 Armani suits
Josh: From that lady up at Saks
Watson: From that lady up at Saks
Josh: Call the factory overseas
Watson: Call the factory overseas
Josh: Have them put the schedule back
Watson: Have them put the schedule back
Josh: Oh, and while you're at it please
Watson: Oh, and while I’m at it please
Josh: Can I have a coffee black?
Watson: Yes, I'll order coffee black
Josh: Birnbaum! Birnbaum: Yes, what?
Josh: We got it Birnbaum: We got what?
Josh: We got the toy! Birnbaum: Yeah?
Josh: How long does it take to get a new design from the drawing pad to the office floor?
Birnbaum: About two weeks, may less maybe more
Josh: How about this afternoon at 4:00?
Birnbaum: Wow! Sure!
Josh: Merrick, Merrick!
Merrick:Yes, what?
Josh: How fast can you move a prototype from working draft to cutting steel?
Merrick: I would say 10 days is real
Josh: Tonight at 8:00 - how's that feel?
Merrick: Wow, deal!
Josh: Lipton, baby!
Lipton: Yes, what?
Josh: How fast can you shape an ad campaign for a new toy on the production line?
Lipton: Three months for a full design
Josh: On my desk, tomorrow, 9:00
Lipton: Hoo hoo, Wow, fine!
Josh: Come on fellas, follow me back and please, Miss Watson, get the coffee black
All Men: Life’s complete, one big dream, it’s so sweet, who needs sugar and cream?!
All: Mac, hi!
Mac: What?
All: We got it!
Mac: You got what?
All: We got the toy!! Mac: No. All: This thing’s so hot it’ll sell itself, It’ll walk right off the toy store shelf
Mac: Who left it on your bed, an elf? What is it?
Josh: I believe we are supposed to present our ideas tomorrow morning at 9:00
Mac: I love this guy. Does he have balls or what? Look how he’s bossing round the boss until he takes his shot. He tells me nothing and I don’t get mad. By God, you’re like the son I never had.
Josh: Who’s that?
Mac: That’s the son I had. Everybody listen up! All: Yes, Mac Yes
Mac: Big change of plan All: Right, got it, right
Mac: From this minute on All: What, what, what?
Mac: This man’s the man All: This man, this man
Mac: If he wants a pencil All: Yes, boss, yes
Mac: Get this man a pencil All: Right, pencil, right
Mac: If scuffs his shoe All: Yes, Mac, yes
Mac: Get him a shine All: Right, got it, right
Mac: And If he gets thirsty All: If he gets thirsty
Mac: Get this man coffee All: A great big pot
Mac: How do you like your office?
Josh: Well, it’s…
Mac: By God, use mine!
All: Buff those nails, shine those shoes, chart those sales
Mac: Get him chauffeurs, door to door. All: Right!
Mac: He’ll need gophers, get him four All: Good
Mac: Needs a haircut, manicure All: Yeah
Mac: Is he gonna get it? All: Sure!
All: Cuz he’s the man! Josh: Golly, I’m happy
All: He’s got the plan Josh: Feeling like I’m right on track
All This man’s the man Josh: We’re late, so concentrate
Josh: But first get coffee, lots of coffee, shots of coffee, pots of coffee
Josh: Oh All: Oh
Josh: Yeah All: yeah
All: Make that coffee, black!
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