One Special Man lyrics - Big

One Special Man lyrics

One Special Man

It?s awesome, amazing
It?s hard to believe
The secret the cosmos had tucked up its sleeve
As I was constructing my bold master plan
The piece that was missing was one special man

I?d locked up my senses
You hurdled the fence
Dissolved my defenses
And now life makes sense
Your joshing disarmed me
that?s how it began
And now I?m so happy
With one special man

I stand here I face you I see in your eyes
The woman I?d hidden behind the disguise
You shake me, astound me
Like no one else can
You?re solid, you?re sound
You?re no flesh in the pan
I?m so glad I found you
You?re my special man

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Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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