Bare: A Pop Opera synopsis

Bare: A Pop Opera Synopsis - Broadway musical

In a Catholic school for young people, there is a staging of Romeo & Juliet is preparing. Even during casting the rivalry between its inhabitants detected.

One of the boys goes to a party, carrying some narcotic drugs to try them. Peter – the name of the boy – is in love with another, Jason, who will play the role of Romeo in the show. They kiss at the party and the other, Matt, spies knowing that they hold it all in the secret.

A girl named Ivy convinces Jason to kiss her, and he does so in order not to reveal his gaiety. Jason then breaks off relations with his friend, fearing that it all comes out, damaging reputation, but gossips about them had already begun. Jason spends the night with Ivy, who comes to console him, and the girl Nadia flirting with Peter.

Jason, after rehearsing his farewell speech on the graduation day, breaks relations with Ivy, after she says that he is her first love and he discovers, as a result of introspection, that he has just the same feelings for Peter. Bringing the message to parents about their orientation, he upsets them, but then they still take him as he is. Sister-prioress also understands what is going on in the hearts of children and comforting them, claiming that God accepts them as they are.

The priest, in contrast, was more conservative and advised Jason to renounce his orientation, and only then, God will love him. Jason having a conversation with Peter, which was overheard by everybody, including Ivy, who was pregnant with a child from Jason. All leave, including Peter, abandoning Jason alone with his mental confusions.

In desperation of the fact that he was rejected by all, Jason does the same as in Juliet's famous novel – takes the poison (a lethal dose of one of his drugs). During his speech, he loses orientation and dies at the hands of Peter, telling about the priest's words. Peter goes to latter, demanding an apology for the death, taking his "confession", releasing his sins, as if swapping the roles.
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