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God Don't Make No Trash lyrics

God Don't Make No Trash

When the Lord sits on his mighty throne
And says 'what shall I make today?'
He don't grab a drawing board
There's no mistakes, the man don't play
He simply opens up his heart
Out come tumbling works of art
God don't make no trash

Sister Chantelle?
I would be more than glad to discuss this with you...
[he looks at her face]

God don't make mistakes, y'see
Or everyone would look like me
People need to start to think
It ain't a rainbow without the pink
Shoot the foul play and tell the jury
Dance ahead make no body (?) fury
God don't make no trash

That's nice of you to say...

Shut up!

God don't have a guestlist
We're all invited to his feast
And if the church's against that well
It ain't the nuns, boy, it ain't the priests (?)
Stand up proud, straight and tall
If you don't be straight, no problem at all
God don't make no trash

I'm gonna be later for...

Heaven knows, nothing works
They're known to misquote their verse
Preaching hate, but I'm saying 'wait!'
Where did Jesus mention that?
Some are small, some are dumb
Keep on pushing, change will come
Till then just keep in sight
God is on your side

People pointing fingers
You feel free to point it back
Two folks want to fall in love
If no one's hurt, what's wrong with that?
God is love all the time
Search your soul and I think you'll find
God don't make no trash
And if you're wondering why I'm a fan
It's because there's a black woman inside the soul of every gay man
God don't make no,
God don't make no,
God don't make no trash!

(Nadia and Ivy's dialogue is on the "All Grown Up" page...)

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