Bare: A Pop Opera review

Bare: A Pop Opera Review - Broadway musical

Would you were interested when almost all the cast of the show sitting back to you on the stage, but you like what's going on? With the show named Bare: A Pop Opera, you will be interested. Simply because in this moment, all eyes fixed on the priest, who convincingly broadcasts from his pedestal. But what, apart from the priests, must settle thrill of watching in our souls? Strong relationships between young people of both genders and almost never they tend to hetero. Most vivid emotions occur in those who are in puberty – when falling in love, breaking apart is very bright, and even when it is possible making such apparent madness like committing suicide.

The plot is the love between two boys, their remoteness and convergences in this regard. Spoilers will not be here – because this opera took place in 2004. Many of its variants still continues to play around the world – it is really liked by the student’s community. And now, 11 years later, it saw the world again, all continents, and who knows – may it be that now, while you are reading this description, this play is showed by some students in their home university.

The plot is very touching – in fact, not so much because of the theme of one-gender relations, which is some 100 years ago was considered a complete taboo by Catholic Church, but more because a lack of understanding by society and by the people close to you. The strongest thing, which causes many millions of people end their lives with suicide – a lack of understanding from others. Because a human being is highly social creature, for many it is difficult to realize that the true wealth is not in the way how you are seen and taken by people around, but a fulfillment with harmony within yourself. And everything around – trees, temples, sea, air and people – are just tools for you to achieve such a state of nirvana, which will bring you a calming peace of mind. But to achieve even half of this understanding, you should be, above all, spiritually wealthy person with a very interesting inner world that elevates you above the miserable little worlds of all others around, even in the beginning of your journey. The characters of the play do not differ with above and are bright examples of oppressing a person by separation from surrounding, including the orientation. Like many hidden and opened gays, one of them has a child from the girl, but he will not be happy (or unhappy) father, because he commits suicide.

Very slippery topic, but everything else is secondary and shallow, so because of it, it is famous for staging by students, amateurs and professionals. And it is true, as evidenced by numerous performances in recent years. For example, in Basement Arts, the play was totally free, as the exhibition was done by actors-beginners, still gaining their skills.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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