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No Voice lyrics

No Voice

Dear Jason, there will be tears today
But we'll get through and you'll be there
I'll leave a chair for you, you made it too
You held your mystery so close
But I knew, I knew your way
Never found the words to say
Always thought we'd talk one day

Dear Jason, you can't begin to know
The pain you've caused
How do I make sense of what I've gained
And what I lost?
What a mess, a perfect mess
Left alone to sort it out
In the sorrow, guilt, and rage
I keep coming back to doubt

I'd like to start with just a...
If we could take a moment...
If maybe we were silent...
Or we had spoken...
[Chorus joins in with Ahh's]
I tried to find the words to...
Just the right quotation...
But I must confess I came up empty

You alone the Lord most holy
You alone the Lord most high
Hear us now, steer our hearts
And grant our prayers
We bare them in Your name
Make us one with all, God, in Your name

Dear Jason, how did a simple love get complicated?
Days crawl by, I ask myself again
Should I have waited?
In a world that's quick to judge
I will try to understand
It's so hard to find your way
When you have no voice to guide you

No voice, no sound
No sound, no words
No words, no songs
No songs, no heart
One heart, one love
One love, one life
One life, one truth
One truth, one life
One voice!
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