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Tiger, Tiger Lyrics » Apple Tree, The

Tiger, Tiger Lyrics

Tiger, tiger, put on your napkin.
Someone is coming to dine. Ha!
Tiger, tiger, you do the carving.
Your claws are sharper than mine.

Slash him with your teeth.
Smash him with your paws.
Bite em again, bite em again.
Harder, harder.
Tear em into bits,
Rip em into shreds.
Slice him into rudy ribbons.

Tiger, tiger, I hope you're hungry.
I'll cheer you on from the stands.
Sanjar, Sanjar, what am I saying?
I have your blood on my hands.

Your dying screams,
Haunting my dreams.
Oh, oh.
I don't want him dead.
Better dead than wed.
Nobody else, nobody else, gets you Sanjar.

How can I decide?
Burial or bride?

(I) lady or the tiger?
Lady, tiger, each way is torture.
Each way I'm still on the rack.
Sanjar, Sanjar, each way I lose you.
Each way is hopelessly black.

How can I choose?
Each way I lose?
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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