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It's A Fish Lyrics » Apple Tree, The

It's A Fish Lyrics

I just got back from a hunting trip up north and found that
Eve caught some new kind of animal!

Now I could swear that its a fish though it resembles us in every way, but size.
She gives it milk and every night she picks it up and pats and pets it when it cries.
I always knew she'd pity fish, but its ridiculous to make them household pets.

She says its not a fish.
I say it is a fish cause it surrounds itself with water almost every chance it gets.

Its not a fish. Fish never scream and this one does on occasion it say goo.
Its legs are long, its arms are short,
So I suspect its a kind of kangaroo.
And Since it came, I pity Eve,
shes gotten madder by the minute and it shows.

Just now I said to her,
that I would much prefer to have it stuffed for my collection
and she punched me in the nose!

It's growing teeth and it can bite!
And I'm convinced what we have here is a bear.
I'm worried sick, but Eve is not.
She burnt the muzzle I made for it to wear.
I've searched the woods, I baited traps,
but yet I couldn't find its sister or its brother!

And though I've hunted far and wide!
While Eve heartily stepped outside!
I'll be damned if she didn;t catch another!
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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