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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture: Civilization
  3. Hey, Tom Sawyer 
  4. Here's my Plan Here's my Plan Video
  5. Smart like That! Smart like That! Video
  6. Hands all Clean 
  7. The Vow The Vow Video
  8. Raising A Child Raising A Child Video
  9. Old Hundred 
  10. In The Bible In The Bible Video
  11. It Just Ain't Me It Just Ain't Me Video
  12. To Hear You Say My Name
  13. Murrell's Gold 
  14. The Testimony The Testimony Video
  15. Act 2
  16. Ain't Life Fine Ain't Life Fine Video
  17. This Time Tomorrow This Time Tomorrow Video
  18. I Can Read I Can Read Video
  19. Murrell's Gold (Reprise) 
  20. Angels Lost Angels Lost Video
  21. Light Light Video
  22. Angels Lost (Reprise) 
  23. Light (Reprise) 
  24. Finale Finale Video

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The synopsis

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Tom Sawyer is the main acting character that first fishes on the river Missouri, and then plays Robin Hood. At school he mischiefs, arranging a brawl, which resulted in the class get a day off, that really disliked by the priest, the teacher and by his aunt. As punishment, his aunt sends him to paint the fence and this scene is well known to many – namely, how it ends when the crowd of children painted a fence for him, and even he has left the yard with heaps of accumulated wealth.

Tom meets a new girl named Becky Thatcher, and they feel sympathy for each other, and we learn that he has a friend Huckleberry Finn – freethinking person who lives on the outskirts of the city and earns on living with occasional earns, not wanting to live along with the consumer attitude of society to life.

Some time later, during another walk, they wander the cemetery, where they see as one of the troublemakers of the city kills his enemy. The boys escape and troublemaker dumps all the blame on the local homeless man, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Tom thinks that teaching Huckleberry reading is entertaining idea, but latter refuses it. Even when Huck rescues drowning man, he is offered again to learn reading, and even to stay for a while at home of very open-hearted person, but he refuses again – freedom above the shackles, albeit mild.

Under gentle song "To Hear You Say My Name" Tom and his girlfriend tell each other of in-love.

When the tramp is going to be hanged for murder, the real killer agrees to help him in exchange for a treasure map, but Tom reveals in the court what they saw and now the killer is trying to kill him, hiding from justice along.

Tom and Becky were lost in a large local cave and the whole town looking for them there. Having escaped, they also find a treasure and kill the troublemaker, who was trying to do just the same thing. Everything comes to an end with happy ending, when the children are returned unharmed to the city where they had already conducted a memorial service after them.
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