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Thou Julia, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me Lyrics > Two Gentlemen of Verona

Thou Julia, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me Lyrics

Proteus (cont’d)
Thou, julia, thou hast metamorphosed me.

Made me neglect my studies, love my time
War with good counsel, set the world at naught;
Made with good musing, weak, hart sick with thought

(proteus signs his name with a
Flourish. Julia and lucetta enter,
Carrying rakes and hoes and burlap
Bales. They stop when they see
Proteus. Proteus is terrified at
Their proximity. He tries to
Speak. He runs off)

(watching him go)
Lucetta, wouldst thou counsel me to fall in love’

Ay, madam, so you stumble not unheedfully.

What thinkst thou of the gentle proteus’

Lord, lord to se what folly reigns in us.

How now’ what means this passion at his name

Then, thus, of many good i think him best.

Your reason’

I have no other than a woman’s reason.
I think him so because i think him so.

And wouldst thou have me cast my love to him’

Ay, if you thought your love not cast away.

Why he of all the rest, hath never moved me.

Yet he of all the rest, i think best loves ye.

His love speaking shows his love but small.

Fire that’s closest kept burns most of all.

They do not love least that let men know their love.

Oh, the love least that let men know their love.

I would i knew his mind.

(music. Proteus enters right on
Third level. He sings passionately
To julia)

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