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Don't Have A Baby Lyrics > Two Gentlemen of Verona

Don't Have A Baby Lyrics

Don’t have the baby
Don’t have the baby
We have too many babies
It’s time to start the ban

You must have the baby
You must have the baby
But tell the baby his father
Was a terrible man

No, have the baby
But lie to the baby
Tell the baby his father
Was the emperor or milan

I’ll have the baby
I’ll have the baby
I won’t lie to the baby
I’ll just tell the baby
I loved his father
And when we made him
Oh how his father loved me

Oh proteus, let this habit make thee blush!
Be thou ashamed
It is the lesser blot, modesty finds,
Women to change their shapes than men their mind.

Than men their minds! ‘Tis true, o heaven were man
But constant, he were perfect! That one error
Fills him with faults; makes him run through all the sins:
What is in silvia’s face but i may spy
More fresh in julia’s with a constant eye’

A buena hora se te ocurre que


Me quieres


Porque no pensaste antes


De meterte con la otra


En realidad es un problema


Proque no se si perdonarte oh no

Si. Si. Si. Si!
(proteus and julia exit.

Duke & thurio enter right third level)

Yonder is silvia.

Yonder is silvia, and silvia’s mine.
(thurio crosses down stairs as
Speed & launce & lucetta exit.

Valentine confronts thurio who
Is on the right platform)

Thurio, give back, or else embrace thy death!
(valentine has drawn his sword.
Thurio realizes he’s unarmed)

I’m unarmed.

(valentine drops his sword and
Chases thurio across the second
Level. Thurio cries)

Sir valentine, i care not for her, i:
I hold him but a fool that will endanger
His body for a girl that loves him not.
I claim her not, and therefore she is thine.

The more degenerate and base art thou,
To make such means for her as thou hast done
And leave her on such slight conditions.

Give me back my ducats.
(thurio cries)

Now, by the honor of my ancestry,
I do applaud thy spirit, valentine,
And think thee worthy of an empress’ Love:
Know, then, i here forget all former griefs,
Cancel all grudge, repeal thee home again,
Plead a new state in thy unrivaled merit,
To which i thus subscribe: sir valentine,
Thou art a gentleman and well derived.
Take thou thy silvia, for thou hast deserved her.

(thurio cries. Valentine comes
To silvia)

I thank your grace; the gift hath made me happy.
(valentine picks up silvia)
Come on, baby.
(they exit left. Duke crosses
Up center. Lucetta enter right
Platform as thurio crosses down
To left platform. Thurio sees
Lucetta. It’s love at first sight)

Last Update: December, 31st 2013

Two Gentlemen of Verona Lyrics

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